Heritage Zone

Welcome to Heritage  Zone the web home of Heritage professionals

This website is beginning the second stage of its development as a valued resource and meeting-point for those involved in the development of European heritage.

To ensure that it becomes accepted as an important tool for those involved in heritage projects across Europe, we invite members to contribute to its design, structure and development.

To date a Web 2.00 networking facility has been established that allows members of the Zone to Blog their thoughts, devise and enter group discussions, share past project outlines and details, email,  and establish ongoing resource facilities for the Zone's members to share, observe and contribute.

This new Home Page will provide the latest news on the project and details of how you can use and play your part in this developing professional resource.

The menu bar offers a direct link to the Network facility, blog pages and useful contacts and links.

For queries, suggestions and amendments please contact the Zone's web designer: John Knowles NET